Friday, November 23, 2007

He Knows Your Name

When you are having problems
And feel there's no help around
First take one step forward
To get to higher ground.
If you think that God doesn't hear you,
Then that,is really a shame.
Not only does He hear every prayer you say;
But,He Know you,By your Name.
It does not matter just where you are
When you call upon the Lord,
He will be listening with a well-tuned ear.
And will understand every word.
Be ready to listen to what He says,
As He tell you what to do.
For that, will be your instructions.
Because the rest will be up to you.
You should thank Him for His Kindness,
Because He was standing by.
And not, As you thought;He has turned away.
And would,never hear you cry.
Even though you have made so many mistakes,
He will not hold you to blame.
For Now,You are fully Forgiven.
And remember, He Knows Your Name.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Priceless gifts to give for FREE

The gift of listening : No interrupting, no daydreaming,no planning your responses. Just listen.
The gift of affection : Be generous with appropriate hugs,kisses, pats on the back, and handholding.
The gift of laughter : share articles,funny stories, and cartoons to tell someone," I love to laugh with u".
The gift of compliment : A simple and sincere " you look beautiful today", "you did a great job",or " that was a wonderful meal" and so on,can make someone's day.
The gift of solitude : Be sensitive to the times when others want nothing more than to be left alone.
The gift of a cheerful disposition :The easiest way to feel good is to extend a kind word to someone,even if it's just hello or thank you.
And last but not the least gift,
The gift of Prayer: Let your friends and loved ones know you pray for them - then do it!
And the best part is everyone can give and receive this gift.So why don't we try this???